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This session is based around a Sun Power Yoga series and should be used after watching it first in a relaxed way; maybe with your feet up and a cup of tea! Listening to the instructions and helpful aids to visualising what you can feel and achieve allows you to get the best out of your time practice. Practice the breathing and introduction in your own time and back off at anytime if you need to. Most importantly you should

Chakra Energy Meditation from The Window Channel Network on Vimeo.

Chakras are at the heart of the human energy system and form a major part of your energy anatomy. Each chakra governs a different aspect of your life. They are power stations that generate energy for everything you think, feel and do. If you want to improve the quality of your life and enhance your level of success, chakras hold the key. Through understanding the chakra system, you can develop physical health, emotional stability and spiritual awareness. This session describes the positions, meaning and qualities of energy and the seven main chakras, it then gently takes you into a powerful-guided chakra meditation.

Breaking Any Habit from The Window Channel Network on Vimeo.

This session is aimed at anyone who has habitual and addictive behavior that is affecting quality of life. By using this session and the techniques therein, you will find that you can break the habit(s) and that you become in control of IT, rather than IT being in control of you. The session will prove beneficial whenever you listen to it, at any time of day or night, whether awake or asleep.

5-Minute Meditation from The Window Channel Network on Vimeo.

Meditation is now proved by Medics and Scientists to reduce the heart rate, release natural endorphins - the feel good factor - into the blood stream and to actively help with mental stress and depression. Doctors often suggest that people find a yoga or meditation session to help with many mental and physical ailments brought on by stress. This session will allow you time to forget everything and give you time to be
with yourself and calm the mind.

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